Hey Moms…10 Easy DIY Projects Every Teen Can Do That Won’t Break The Bank

Source MayBaby/Youtube

Wondering what kind of DIY project your teen can do that is easy and affordable  Have you seen the EASY DIY projects that Youtube sensation Meg Deangelis posted not too long ago?

If you haven’t, take some time to go watch it as it answers the question I get from my girls all the time: “Mom I want my room to look Pinterest awesome!”  Ok maybe they don’t say that but that’s how it sounds to me.

The problem I run into is my girls want to do all these crazy projects that involve a million steps and several trips to the craft store and a wad of cash!

Not with these 10 EASY DIY projects that Meg posted.   They are SUPER easy and make a great weekend project for your girls or you can do it with them for a little bonding time if you are looking for that extra little time you can spend with them before they fly the coop someday!

I put a link to Meg’s video at the very end of this article in case any of them catch your attention and you want more specific instructions so here goes!

#1 Heart Pillow

This one is “easy-peasy”…. all you need is a pillow, heart stencil which you can make and fabric spray paint.

Source MayBaby/Youtube
Source MayBaby/Youtube

#2 Headband Art

Have some extra headbands and a picture frame?  Well then let’s make Meg’s famous “Headband Frame!”  She came up with this idea when she saw an expensive headboard she didn’t want to buy.

Source MayBaby/Youtube
Source MayBaby/Youtube

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