13 Pregnancy Announcements That Are Just So Dang Cute (And Hilarious)!

creative pregnancy announcements

Pregnancy announcements have been quite a tradition in our society. Previously we used to send out cards to let everyone know about the good news. But things have changed now.

Couples these days are coming up with downright hilarious and creative ideas of pregnancy announcements. And with the help of social media to share these announcements, these creative couples are generating quite a buzz.

Pregnancy can be a sweet and sour part of our lives. For some couples, pregnancy can seem intimidating. And some might start taking elaborate preparations to get ready for the big day. But these 13 couples are taking it to a whole new level!

They figured a big announcement like this should be done in a way that is memorable. And nothing makes an announcement more memorable than a pinch of creativity and a spoonful of laughter. So, they did just that.

Watch how these 13 couples hit the ball out of the park with their hilarious and creative pregnancy announcements. #9 had me rolling on floor laughing.

#1 – If creativity isn’t your strong suit… you can always have Will Smith announce your pregnancy for you!

Via Imgur/fantasticle

#2 – That’s a clever way to use Prego Sauce!

creative pregnancy announcements
Via reddit / eeyore134

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