After 9 Years Of Trying To Adopt…This Couple Finally Sees Their New Baby For The First Time

Source: Youtube

Children are one of the most beautiful gifts from God. We give so much time and effort and anticipate the moment when we’ll first hear the cry of our new child.

Unfortunately it’s not always the case for parents who are unable to conceive children. This is the story of a couple who had been trying to get a baby for 9 years, but due to some complications they couldn’t. So, they decided to adopt a baby boy… when they finally saw the baby, their reaction had me in tears. Watch the amazing video below to see the whole story…

When the nurse asked them what are they going to call him, both of them replied at the same time, “Jacob”… now they have Jacob in their lives, and finally their family is complete, finally life is beautiful… life is worth living. I cried when I saw their reaction when they met their baby boy for the first time, I can understand how wonderful feeling this is for a parent to finally be able to hold their baby in their hands.