What This Dad Does To Make His Baby Fall Asleep Is Absolutely Adorable

Source: Bearded Piano via Youtube

If you’ve been a parent then you already know how difficult it can sometimes get to make your baby fall asleep. Sometimes you’ll doze off while trying to get them to sleep, and yet they’ll remain wide awake.

So, this dad found an ingenious way to make his little baby boy fall asleep. The video of which will definitely steal your heart like it did mine.

Baby Sam was having a difficult time sleeping due to an ear ache… so the dad, a YouTuber named BeardedPiano decided to make an impromptu attempt at playing Brahms’ Lullaby to see if he would fall asleep.

So, he got Sam straddled in the baby carrier, turned the video camera on and started playing the music. And guess what… it worked like a charm!

Little Sam started to yawn and he fell asleep without a fuss. I was flabbergasted with how cute the video turned out to be. This dad and baby combo is just too adorable to handle. When you see how little Sam falls asleep so peacefully you’ll agree too. Watch the cute video below…

Have you ever done anything like this for your kids? I am so bad with pianos that I never even dared to try. I’m sure my kid’s will start having nightmares if I tried to get them to sleep by playing piano… yes, I am that bad! What about you? Let us know in the comments section.

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