How This Beagle Steals Chicken Nuggets From A Hot Oven Is Pretty Awesome

Source: Rodd Scheinerman

Ever caught your dog sneaking around in the kitchen looking for treats? You sure have, but I bet you have seen nothing like this before!

Lucy the Beagle from this video decided it was time for some snacks, so she decided to eat some chicken nuggets fresh out of the oven while her owners were away!

How this naughty dog managed to do that is simply AMAZING! Luckily, they caught it all on tape! Watch this genius in the video below..

Okay… so Lucy is one smart Beagle no doubt! She knew there were some tasty treats inside the oven from the smell. And she decided not to wait for her owners and instead take matters into her own hand… or paws to be specific!

Lucy pushed the chair with her paws to strategically place it in front of the kitchen counter.

Then she easily climbs up on the counter, reaches the oven, opens up the oven door with her paws… but the oven is too hot for her to sink her nose in… so she uses her paw again to pull out the tray of chicken nuggets! They land on the floor and, hey presto, dinner is served!

Now, that required some serious strategic thinking I must say! Might she be the smartest dog of all time? What do you think?