Did This Biker REALLY Stick This Unbelievable Landing?


There are days when you are lucky. And then there are days when you can’t believe your luck. This biker had a day like that when he survived a car crash with no scratches to show for it.

The video was featured in a CNN news clip after it went viral on the internet. The video shows a biker riding down the highway when he accidently crashed behind this BMW. But as astonishing as it may sound, he landed on his feet… on top of the car!

Yes I know it’s pretty hard to imagine such a scene other than on movie screens. But real life is stranger than fiction. And this video is another shining example of that. Many people are arguing whether the video was fake or not. But to me, it’s awesome anyways! After all how many times do we see random people flawlessly land on a running car, right?

Jokes apart, bike accidents are nothing to take lightly. Please be safe, always put on your helmet and other safety gears. This guy was lucky, you might not be. Who knows what would’ve happened if he wasn’t lucky. So, always prioritize safety first.

You can watch the video below as people around the world discuss how such a thing happened. A word to the wise though, don’t try to recreate such a thing, okay?

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