After An Accident This Dog Intervenes And A Boy’s Life Is Changed Forever

Source ita4me/Youtube

6-year old Caleb Howard survived a fatal head-on auto collision, but at the expense of a traumatic brain injury which dramatically changed his life forever.

In the video on the next page or below, you can see how a therapy dog changed Caleb’s life forever.

The impact of the head-on collision resulted in the death of millions and millions of his brain cells. Caleb was recovering slowly, with very minute progress to reach full functionality. Doctors wanted to to try something else and that’s when he met colonel, a Golden Retriever that turned his life around forever.

According to the rehabilitation specialized the trick is getting the patient motivated to try.  That’s the challenge as kids especially are hard to work with when an event like this rocks their world.  That’s where therapy animals come in!


As you will see in the video on the next page or below, Caleb’s father asks him at the end what was the one thing he remembered as he was recovering and it was hard to keep the tears back as this little boy replies.

Get the tissue box out as you watch the video on the next page or below!