A New Coat Is Saving The Lives Of Homeless People In More Than One Way


Now that it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, we are taking out all our coats and blankets to tackle the icy wind and the cold weather. But, some of us might not be fortunate enough to do so.

Be it winter or summer, homeless people are in the mercy of the weather. During these cold winter nights, most of them have nothing to protect themselves from the freezing cold. Some of them have only battered old clothes… and some don’t even have blankets to cover themselves up.

But, now there is something that is changing their lives for good. And you will be pleasantly surprised to see how it’s done in the video below.

Veronica Scott from Detroit, Michigan has spearheaded her nonprofit – the Empowerment Plan, to become a national sensation in last few years. Her nonprofit produces combination coats/sleeping bags for Detroit’s homeless. These coats double as a sleeping bag to keep the homeless warm. Right now there are 3.5 million Homeless People in the U.S., and this invention can be a game changer for them. But this is not the only reason why these coats are special.

These coats are made FOR the homeless BY the homeless! Yes, you read it right. Veronica figured, you can’t change the lives of homeless people by just providing them with means to tackle winter. You have to actually create jobs to empower them. Motivated by this notion, she started hiring the homeless to produce these coats. And this initiative has changed the lives of many people who used to be homeless, but now have moved to their own house. Watch the video below to see how this wonderful idea came to be.

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