Cop Pulls This Scared Couple Over And Then The Awesome Happened

Source: Officer Kevin Lands

You know that feeling you get when a police officer pulls you over and you have no idea what you did wrong?  That’s exactly how this women from Halifax felt except her traffic stop ended in a heart-warming gesture of kindness (and surprise).

Officer’s Kevin Lands and Brian Warner of the Halifax Police Department decided to be different.  In the video below that has gone mega viral you get to see the look of fear on the couple as they are pulled over and officer Lands approaches the vehicle and asks…

Are You familiar With VEHICLE Code 1739?

Watch her response when she finds out in the video below…

 I love the fact that these officers are real.  They are showing us that all the negative media out there is simply just not the truth.  They put their lives out on the line for us each and every day and in the end they do it for us…not for themselves.  To server and protect.

This video has gone major viral on the net this week as you can see from officer Land’s original post it was approaching 8 millions views!

Source: Officer Kevin Lands

I just wanted to personally thank these officers for making our world better!  You guys are awesome!