A Cop Teaching A Stormtrooper How To Shoot Is Pretty Darn Funny!


Aren’t Stormtroopers the worst shooters ever? I mean they never manage to hit anyone let alone any important character! They are supposed to be the most feared soldiers in the Galaxy yet they possess the most amateurish shooting skills!

So, this Stormtrooper decides to visit the Fort Worth Police Department and learn some shooting from the pro’s. The shooting instructor takes it upon himself to teach the stormtrooper how to shoot effectively and hit the target. And this results in the funniest video you’ll ever see.

The cop was really surprised to see how bad a galactic soldier can be at shooting stuff. The stormtrooper was missing every shot… he was not even remotely close to the target. Finally when he reached the limit of patience he shows the stormtrooper how to shoot by hitting the bulls eye every single time. That’s how you should shoot you wretched elite galactic soldier!

But guess what… still the stormtrooper misses every single shot. So, the trooper decided to improvise. What he does next to finally hit the target will make you laugh out loud. Keep your eyes open for a surprise guest at this point though.

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Why do you think stormtroopers are such lousy shooters? Is there any logical explanation behind their pathetic shooting skills? Or is it just for the sake of story progression that they are given inferior shooting skills? I mean, how would the movie continue if these troopers were lethal shooters and kill off important characters at the start of the movie, right! Let us know what you think… leave a comment please.

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