Might Be One Of The Craziest Plays In Baseball Ever

Source TheBuzzer on Youtube

In baseball you want to steal to home plate right?  I think this guy may have just invented a new way to do it!

In this HILARIOUS video I came across while I was wasting endless hours of my time for your pure enjoyment I cam across this gem that will surely have you laughing your guts out.  Or at least smiling a bit. 🙂

Apparently these boys just don’t know when to quit.  Failure is not an option…they must WIN WIN WIN this baseball game.

Now my husbanded pointed out to me that he saw a few rules broken here but apparently the umps let it slide.

The best part is the look on everyone’s face when it’s over…. classic!  Now what do you think?  Should this be allowed?  Is it fair?

If you had a fun time watching this video today why not spread the love and joy with your family and friends.

Everyone deserves a smile today don’t you think? 🙂