A Baby Sings O Holy Night And Wins Our Cuteness Award Of The Day!


Babies singing are probably the cutest thing on the world. Upon listening to their sweet and soothing voice, you can’t just help smiling. This is such a video that will bring a smile to your face.

This little 1 month old baby is already too cute… but the little guy exceeds all limits of cuteness when he starts to sing O Holy Night!

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. But then after closely looking at the video I realized, it was the dad who was singing… and thanks to him it seemed as if the baby is singing! But, the video sure made my day!

Ashley Killingsworth from San Angelo, Texas, uploaded this video of her 1 month old on her instagram account on December 12th. And since then the video stole hearts of millions of people around the world. Everyone’s saying that the cute little baby is already such a good singer, who knows what he will do when he grows up!

Although the little thing was just lip-syncing, I can’t help but wonder if it were possible for babies to sing at such an early age. The world would be a much better place then, don’t you think? With their soothing voice, they’d just overwhelm everyone with their over the top cuteness. And, that’s a world I’d be happy to live in.

Watch the video below to see how the little bundle of joy is lip-syncing to O Holy Night… you’ll find yourself smiling in no time.

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