Dad Writes A Song For His Lost Daughter And Then Finds Her In A Homeless Shelter 2 Years Later

Katie Alaimo/The News-Review & Youtube

Bryan Thouvenel wrote the song posted below for his daughter whom he had lost contact with as her mother moved to a new state.  It’s not a new story as this same scenario plays out thousands of times a year but this one has a happy ending.

Thouvenel was once an aspiring musician and songwriter who as he admits lived a bit of a rocky life and fathered two daughters before he was 30 years old.  After starting a new 2 year relationship which brought another child named Harmony.

Then things started to fall apart and the relationship went sour.  His ex-girlfirend took Harmony and headed north to Washington and kinda dropped off the grid.  Thouvenel fell apart.

“Those memories, for me, they’re painted on my heart,” Thouvenel said. “To find out they weren’t painted on hers — it was devastating.”

For two years he searched and searched for Harmony.  During this time he wrote the song below and posted it on Youtube. It’s an original song and you can tell emotion behind it is real.

After two years of searching, Thouvenel received a phone call from a friend saying that his ex-girlfriend and Harmony where in a Salvation Army site in Spokane.  He and his mother jumped in the car immediately to go to the courthouse where a judge eventually gave a court order put Harmony back in Thourvenel’s custody.

The process hasn’t been easy as Harmony is back in his life and a program called Put Kids First funded a trip for them to Hawaii where they had lots of great bonding time on the beach!

“For two years she didn’t have any memories with me so they decided it would be a nice idea to send us over to Hawaii for a retreat,” Thouvenel said. “It would be this huge memory that she would actually remember. Regardless of whatever happens in the future, she will always have this one memory with dad.”

Editors note:  I first came across Bryan’s song on Youtube when a friend shared it with me and loved it so much I had to dive in to find out the rest of the story.  Even though life isn’t perfect it’s nice to know that this father was able to find some peace and a reunion with is beautiful daughter.