Dog Gets Busted Trying On Lipstick And I’m Pretty Sure He Is Smiling!


When this dog owner came home to discover a mess of lipstick covering her white bedspread, it was suddenly easy to see who the culprit was – he had a huge guilty grin!

His owner starts the disciplining, but has to stop when the laughing begins!  I posted the video below so you can see for yourself…it’s HILARIOUS!

This precious little guy had a not-so-angelic smile, pasted with BRIGHT LIPSTICK. Caught (looking cute) in the act! It seems to me that the ruined covers weren’t too big of a deal after this rascal admitted to the crime with his doggy grin and messy paws!

And meanwhile, his other little dog buddy is sitting there basically saying; “Don’t look at me!” HILARIOUS!

I would have a hard time yelling at this puppy if he was my dog. Just too cute! It’s true that dogs really are man’s best friend. They somehow manage to melt our hearts, even when they cause problems.

Luckily the owner caught this moment on camera and posted it for all of us to laugh along with. The link to the video is posted down below!

Let me know how you would react if you came home to this? Would you laugh this much, or would it be more difficult for you to be so forgiving?

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