Get Ready For A Surprise When This Dog Plays The Piano!

Source: Poke My Heart via Youtube

Some dogs can be talented… I mean really really talented! So talented that you’ll have a hard time believing the amazing things they can do. Well, this dog in pretty amazing!

Right now he is  winning hearts all over the Internet! He’s trying to play a piano and sing at the same time…

…something most humans struggle doing but this dog makes it look easy!  Ok so he is not Beethoven but he warms the heart of all dog loves the same.

I came across the adorable video that I posted a link to on the next page as I was browsing on Facebook the other day as my own little dog was urging me to turn up the music.

Yes my dog likes music.  It was perfect timing as I came across this video that has now been viewed over a million times and growing.  After watching this talented pooch perform it makes me want to go and get get a piano!

See The Video On The Next Page And Get Ready To Smile!