Wait Till You See What This Dolphin Stole From A Woman At SeaWorld

ABC News via Youtube

Dolphins are smart.  Way smart.  But one women visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida learned the hard way!

In the video below you can see it all happens in an instant.  It’s obvious that this dolphin knew what it wanted and wasn’t going to stop till it got it.

I’m sure these dolphins at the park get pretty board.  Wouldn’t you if you were stuck in an enclosure all day?  Maybe it’s possible they sit there all day thinking of the next “Cute” thing they can do next or what “Mischievous” thing can do to show off.

Well this women will never forget as the dolphin launches out of the water and grabs her very expensive gear.

So do you think this is just playful behavior or something else going on?

I was researching and learned of a study done at Emory University in Atlanta where they used MRI scans to map the brains of dolphins and found that the species are comparable to primates.  They also said:

Many dolphin brains are larger than our own and second in mass only to the human brain when corrected for body size.

So take that humans!  My personal opinion is this dolphin new exactly what it was doing.

Next time you are at SeaWorld, it may be wise to protect your valuables and take a few steps back as you are admiring these amazing creatures.

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