A Dying Dog’s Last Wish To Have Her Own Pet

Source: Youtube

Sunshade, a 13-year old dog was diagnosed with cancer. Her owner wanted to give her the best memories in the final few months of her life and decided to grant her wish to have a guinea pig. Yes you heard me right…a guinea pig.

According to Sunsade’s owner, this Airedale Terrier has always loved and adored guinea pigs! Who would have thought! Whenever they would go to the pet store, Sunshade would always stare at the guinea pigs and was simply in love with them.

To make the last few months of Sunshade’s life more memorable, her owner gave her two female guinea pigs as a gift. At first he wasn’t sure how Sunshade would react but it was just a mater of a few moments that she warmly welcomed them in as a role as their new mother! She is ultra protective of her little babies now and worries when someone takes them away from her…even for a few minutes when they need to be fed.
An interesting twist to the story. Sunshade’s owner meant to get the dying pooch two female guinea pigs however a few months later they were surprised to see a litter of guinea pigs arrive one day! As it turned out, one of the pigs was a male…not a female. It was a pleasant surprise not only for Sunshade but for the whole family! Check out the video below for the full story. Sunshine we hope you have fond memories of your guinea pigs!