Easy 3-Ingredient Fudge Bites – Gluten Free, Paleo, And Vegan Friendly – Yum!

Photo veggieandthebeastfeast.com

Trying to eat healthy but still craving fudge?  Try these YUMMY Fudge bites that only take a few minutes to make, are so tasty and actually good for you.

Many people think they have to give up the sweet stuff when they change the way they eat, but with this recipe you get to enjoy the sweet taste of fudge and still get the benefits from the very healthy ingredients.

In fact there are only 3 simple ingredients and when you find out how easy they are to create you will want to make sure have these on hand for treat time.  I came across these over at veggieandthebeastfeast.com and I’m simply in love with them.

Source: veggieandthebeastfeast.com

On the next page I’ll share the secret I used to make an even more healthy version and what toppings I used to give them a boost.