The Secret Behind This Exploding Chocolate That Kids Are Going Bonkers Over!

Source: Chowhound via Youtube

Today we are going to share a secret recipe of a unique kind of chocolate with all you parents out there. It is called “Exploding Chocolates”!

Your kids will go crazy over it! And the best part is you can make it over and over again as the recipe is so easy yet so delicious! Do you have a pack of pop rocks lying around on your fridge?

Ok so you probably don’t! LOL… but you can head down to any candy or convenience store and chances are they do.

Well, take that out and watch the video below and learn how to make Exploding Chocolates!

That was pretty easy, right? But no doubt it’ll make your kids go gaga over your cooking skills! Be careful though, before trying this recipe, you might just find yourself being asked to make this every single day! Then again, we love to do anything for our kids… so, why not, huh?

Let us know if you liked the exploding chocolates recipe. Also don’t forget to share how they turn out on your first try.

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