How They Got These Sheep To Do This I’ll Never Know…But It’s So Cool!

Source BaaaStud's via Youtube


Imagine your shepherding sheep and one day you get this bright idea to make a viral video.  “Hey let’s strap on a bunch of LED lights to the sheep and make something cool!”

That could have been the idea behind the video below that went super viral a few years back…but there is something “Fishy” about the whole thing.  Especially when you see the very end of the video.

Millions of people on Facebook and Youtube tuned in to see the “Extreme Shepherding” video that turned out to be a viral promotion video by Samsung.

While others called out Hoax…Studio daily was able to track down one of the production guys James Rouse who put the rumors to rest.

It’s real. We were using real shepherds and real sheepdogs, and a lot of it was achieved in camera. It was always our ambition to achieve most of it in camera. We even had the Welsh shepherding champion – in terms of shepherding, that’s one of the biggest claims you can make. What he was able to pull off for us, his control of his dogs, was phenomenal.

So there you go…we learned that it is real BUT there was a whole lot of “Post Production” to make it all happen.  Regardless this is a fun video to watch and share!