This Might Be The Funniest “Red-Neck” Commercial Ever Made

Source Fiberfix/Youtube

Just try to watch the new FiberFix commercial about a Redneck who drives a duct tape car off a cliff and not smile.  I dare you.

FiberFix just released a new commercial featuring the ultimate red-neck and it’s funny.  Not just funny but it’s HISTORICAL!  There are so many “Red-Neck One-Liners” in this commercial you won’t soon forget.

Like when the guy says… “Fiberfix wasn’t made to be soft.  You want soft…go buy a puppy and a tissue to wipe it’s nose in!  Ok that’s a little crude but I cracked a bit of a smile.

Of course it’s all in good humor right?  If “Red-Neck” humor is your thing you will love especially when he drives off a cliff in a car that is encased in a cage held together by duct tape!

But there is a surprise…I don’t want to ruin it for you so watch the video below.  I was amazed that I actually watched the whole thing…in fact it got better as I watched it (trust me)

Now I first saw FiberFix on Shark Tank and remember thinking…. I think this product is going to go somewhere.  Well it looks like it has…right off a cliff!

Enjoy and share with your family and friends if they are into “Red-Neck” humor… if not you can probably “Fiber-Fix” it!