This German VS Other Languages Is So Funny I About Wet My Pants


Languages can be fascinating. With mother earth having so many countries and cultures, it’s only natural to have a diverse collection of languages. But, German language is something else entirely.

Language – The primary mode of communication for humans can be so soothing to hear. We make songs and create poetry out of our beautiful languages. We communicate our ideas, we share our emotions, and we express our love for others using our languages. This same language can be used to make jokes and have a good laugh.

No language is perfect and similar to one another. But some languages can sound absolutely out of the world! Take German for example.

Even the simplest German words can sound like it’s something overly complicated. Simple every day words can sound like an angry person’s tongue-lashing in German. So, this YouTuber decided to pit German against the other languages around the world and find out how simple words sound in German. The result is this hilarious video below that made me laugh out loud.

Do you know what butterfly is called in German? Schmetterling! Pen is called Kugelschreiber! Science is called Naturwissenschaften! Woah… that’s a mouthful! Now, try pronouncing these in an angry voice… there you go, you’ve got yourself a video full of laughs.

We hope our German friends won’t mind us having a good laugh over this video. Don’t worry, it’s all just for the sake of fun.

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