A Heartwarming Social Experiment That Made Me Sob Like A Baby


Ever wonder how the homeless people survive out in the streets? The people who have nothing, no home, no car, no good clothes and a warm blanket for the cold nights… how do these people live?

One might assume that a homeless person who lives by the mercy of other people might be a little selfish. Since they have so little, they might be more protective towards whatever they have.

At the same time, it’s easy to assume that a person who has plenty would be more willing to give to the less fortunate, since they have so much. But, is it really true? One man seeks to find the answer in the following video.

A YouTuber decided to conduct a social experiment by asking for food to strangers on the streets of New York. He approached several people who were eating and asked politely if he could get some for himself. He said he was really hungry and had no money on him. At that point you’d expect someone to care and share at least something with him.

But surprisingly, not a single person shared their food with the hungry man! He was met with disgust, ridicule and rude behavior. It broke my heart to see how regular people like you and I could be so unhelpful towards the less fortunate.

Albeit, he was pretending to be poor but at least there should’ve been someone who could share some food with him. But nope… not a single person did that.

While it broke my heart to see how our fellow humans can be so selfish, I was shocked when I saw him asking for food from a Homeless Man. What transpired next was surreal and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I know you’d feel the same way once you watch the video below. Trust me, it’s not what you would expect.

It’s easy to judge a book by its cover, but is it right to do so? May be a Homeless Man, or the people who we look down upon and underestimate have a kinder soul than we do. May be the people who have nothing, have so much more compassion than people who have everything. Just food for thought.

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