New Pet Store Law Sparks Controversy In San Francisco

Source: Newsy via Youtube

Good news for dog and cat lovers!  San Francisco passed a law to ban the sale of dogs and cats if they were not obtained from one source… that source has caused a bit of controversy among certain pet breeders.

All dogs and cats can now only come from rescue animals and the city will also ban the sale of animals under eight weeks old.  You can see more of the highlights of what this new law contains in the video below.

So here is the controversy.  Many breeders don’t consider themselves “Puppy Mills” and instead say they have best intentions to provide loving pets to their pet parents.  Others strongly disagree and say that anyone who breeds dogs and cats for money are just a “Puppy Mill”.

“Most animal lovers are horrified at the thought of keeping their beloved family pet in a dirty wire cage for a second — let alone a week, month or even years. Yet, that is the fate of many animals at large-scale commercial breeding operations across the nation, including the mothers of many puppies and kittens sold in pet shops,” the San Francisco Board of Supervisors wrote in an op-ed piece in The San Francisco Examiner. “In response, more than 200 cities and counties across the nation have banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores.”

District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang, who sponsored the legislation, also called on the US Agriculture Department to reinstate information on its website documenting animal cruelty cases, which was removed earlier in the month. The city of San Francisco currently has no known pet shops selling dogs and cats. Katy Tang stated the measure will allow the city’s Animal Care and Control Department to prevent future shops opening.

“While there are no known pet stores currently selling dogs and cats in San Francisco, we should all be concerned that one could open at any time, and without this legislation, our Department of Animal Care and Control has no way to stop them,” stated Tang.

Several other cities in the U.S. have similar bans.  The other cities include Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Austin who will enforce a similar legislation.

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