Dog Interrupts A Live Weather Report And I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Source: Youtube

Dogs are just awesome.  Everyone knows that right?  But this Dog is EXTRA special after what he did on live TV!

Ever had something unexpected happen when you were in front of people talking or giving a speech?  How about when thousands of people watching you on live TV?

Didn’t think so…but that is exactly what happened to this weatherman as he was doing his nightly report which you can see on the next page.

Weatherman Ryan Phillips was doing his regular routine when out of nowhere King the Pit Bull jumps on his desk!

Now I imagine most people would FREAK out at this point but I applaud King for his actions and quick wit!

My daughter was the first one to show me this video and I just loved it.  Can you imagine a big ole Pit Bull running up to you on camera?

I think the average person who doesn’t know how awesome and gentile Pits are would pretty much run for cover.  This video has gone pretty viral and it’s something that Phillips will never forget!  What would you do?  After you watch the video on the next page I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section.

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