Dog Interrupts A Live Weather Report And I Can’t Stop Smiling!


Again Dogs are just awesome…especially King the Pit Bull who just had to get his 5 seconds of fame.

As you will see in the video below King, the Pit Bull rushes on to Phillip’s desk as he yells out…

The Pit Bull got more and more playful and demanding as he realized he was on TV!  Ok maybe he didn’t know but he sure looked like he was having fun!

“Whoa!  Hey King it’s not your turn yet!  You need To Wait For The Next Segment Buddy!”

Ok like I said he probably didn’t know that but he was getting all kinds of attention from both from Phillips and the crew who were watching and gasping and evening laughing and smiling in the background.

As most news people know you need to expect the unexpected when doing live broadcasts and King sure proved it this time!