Robbers Grab Women’s Baby And Her Pit Bull Dogs Spring Into Action

Source Youtube

Pit Bull dogs get a bad rap but as most owners know they can be some of the most loyal and protective breeds around.

In this case they may have saved a life.

Imagine opening your door and seeing to thugs demanding money and forcing their way into your home and then grabbing your baby!  That’s exactly what happened to Mrs. Garso as she recalled the story in the video on the next page.

She was on the phone with her husband when she heard a sound at the door.  After checking what all the commotion was she saw a man and a women enter in saying, “Money Money”!

When Mrs Garso said she didn’t have any money the women grabbed her 3 month old and demanded she give them money or she would take the baby and the man hit her with a gun.

As the assailant tried to leave the house with the child they were met with a BIG surprise!  In fact 2 surprises!

In the video on the next page you can see exactly what the families two Pit Bulls did which saved this babies life.