This Husky Just Can’t Figure Out Why This Pup Won’t Play – CUTE!

Source Instagram

Luna the 2 year old baby Husky from Colorado has a problem.  She wants to play with this puppy that looks exactly like her but something is wrong as you can see in the video at the bottom of the page.

This video got me thinking about all the fun photos I’ve seen of dogs and their stuffed animal look-a-likes that about been online for years.

Can you spot the real one?

…that’s pretty cute but I think the Luna interaction with this toy pup takes the cake for me today…

You can follow Luna on instragram and enjoy many other awesome Husky photos and videos.  I found this video over at boredpanda on their Facebook page and it already has over a million shares.

Thanks Luna for making my day!  If you thought this was cute please feel free to share this video with your friends.