Irresistible! Shirtless Firemen + Cute Rescue Dogs

Source: Charleston Animal Society

For all you dog-lovers out there who like a little “double eye candy” to make your day a little brighter… a group of community-minded firefighters in South Carolina decided to be proactive and do something to help Charleston become the FIRST community in the Southeast to have No-Kill shelters.

They know many dogs face euthanasia and decided to raise awareness that rescue dogs and rescue puppies is the way to go and it saves lives!  That is what firefighters are good at right?  So they stripped down to the waist and swung into action, as you’ll see in these photos.


Source: Charleston Animal Society

They’ve put out a 12-month calendar, for which each hunky fireman posed with a rescue dog from the shelter and the response has been AMAZING!  You can see these photos below and on the next several pages.

All proceeds from sales of the calendar go to the Charleston Animal Society and will be used to treat abused and injured dogs until they can be adopted.

Source: Charleston Animal Society

You will want to see the rest of the photos… trust me!  Continue to the next page to see more photos…