Irresistible! Shirtless Firemen + Cute Rescue Dogs


Dogs and Firefighters kind of go together right?  Well these Hunks sure got it right!  Continuing on with this super smart Dog Rescue awareness campaign below are more photos just showing how classy these Firemen are!

Here is #12….we can’t see his face that well but the pup is ADORABLE!  All proceeds from sales of the calendar go to the Charleston Animal Society and will be used to treat abused and injured dogs until they can be adopted.

Source: Charleston Animal Society

And here is #201 or shall we just just call him Mr Eyes! 🙂

Source: Charleston Animal Society

Number 504 is a thow-back to Lassie Come Home re-runs….but don’t let that fool you.  He is one tough fighting machine!

Source: Charleston Animal Society

You will want to see the rest of the photos… trust me!  Continue to the next page to see more photos…