Irresistible! Shirtless Firemen + Cute Rescue Dogs


More “double eye candy” to make your day a little brighter… as we mentioned before this group of community-minded firefighters in South Carolina decided to be proactive and do something to help Charleston become the FIRST community in the Southeast to have No-Kill shelters.

They know many dogs face euthanasia and decided to raise awareness that rescue dogs and rescue puppies is the way to go and it saves lives!  That is what firefighters are good at right?  So they stripped down to the waist and swung into action, as you’ll see in these photos.

Source: Charleston Animal Society

Ok here is the group shot!  Need I say more?

Source: Charleston Animal Society

Our hats go off to these brave firefighters who risk their lives each and every day and who took the time to support this great cause!

Source: Charleston Animal Society

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