Two Sisters Find Out A Long Lost Secret On Their Flight To London

Source: Youtube

From the department of “British Airways Did Something Totally Cool” comes the story of Mandy who was born in the UK during World War II and raised by adoptive parents.

She never knew who her father was and it remained a mystery for most of her life. Only Mandy’s mother’s name was on her birth certificate so she had hit a dead end in her search.  That is until she decided to try the AncestryDNA database and learned that she had family, in fact 2 sisters who lived in the USA!

British Airways caught news of the story and decided to help the sisters meet up in London and this is where the story gets just AWESOME.

In the video below you will see just what the airlines did that took these 2 sisters by surprise and brought a tear to my eye.

Two BIG thumbs up to British Airways for making this reunion happen and bringing a bit of joy and a few tears to us today.  It’s “National Sisters” day today and we thought this story is perfect to share with everyone today.

So speaking of Sisters… if you have one why not reach out right now and let them know how much you love them.  Some of us may not have sisters that are with us any longer but they can always be in our hearts.

So tell us about YOUR sister, we would love to hear your story today on “National Sisters Day”