Soldier Reunites With Her Dog On Live TV – I Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction!

Source: Queen Latifah/Youtube

We all love our dogs, and they love us back ten fold! The video on the next page is the proof of the undying unconditional love that dogs have for their owners.

Soldier Jempson back from her duty meets her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog Emma after a full year in the “Queen Latifah Show” and what transpired next is truly AMAZING and touching.

The video on the next page made me laugh and cry at the same time and at first you can tell Emma the dog doesn’t quite know what is going on but it doesn’t take long for the surprise!

As you will see in the video on the next page, when Emma was brought into the room she was perhaps overwhelmed with all the people and lights and everything, she was like, “Oh hey stranger, hi!”

But then when she remembered her owners smell she went crazy with sheer happiness! And that’s when tears rolled down my eyes along with all the audience present in the show.

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