When This TSA Agent Was Asked If He Stole An iPad, His Response Was Shocking

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Since the 9/11 attacks The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have been responsible for maintaining our security at the Airport. But is our luggage secure at their hands? This shocking video answers that question.

While at the airport we expect the TSA agents to ensure safety and security of our luggage at their checkpoints. Anytime we go through security, we take it on faith that our stuff will be there on the other side. Sometimes we leave our precious stuff at their hands, with the hopes that nothing will happen to them. But is it wise to do so?

To find out the answer, Brian Ross from ABC news investigates the matter further. And finally the ugly picture comes into our eyes. Brian found out that 381 officers have been fired for stealing from their passengers and their luggage.  But he assumed that this might just be the tip of the ice berg. So, he chose 10 of the most notorious airports known for luggage theft and decided to investigate the matter himself.

The investigation crew sent bags with iPad worth $600 and $500 cash through the TSA checkpoints. 9 out of the 10 air ports passed the test without any issues… The TSA Agents did exactly what they were trained to do. But it was a different story in Orlando where the iPad was last seen at the hands of TSA agent Andy Riverez. The iPad never made it into the other side.

The investigation crew filed a missing property report with no results. But little did the thief know about Brian Ross’s elaborate plan to catch him red handed. The iPad had an app installed named “Find My iPad” that could track the device. So, the signal from the app led the investigation team to… guess what… the TSA agent’s house!

What happened next was equally disturbing and disgusting. Watch the video below to see how the thief got caught red-handed.

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