This Little Boy Got My Life Together In Less Than A Minute

Source DeLorean via Facebook

I’m doing the Facebook thing this morning and I run across this short but POWERFUL video below of a little kid that changed my life in less than a minute.

Sometimes you come across something that hits you right between the eyes like a ton of bricks and make you stop and think.  I think this little boy may be the next big motivational speaker.  The kind that can immediately take control of a situation and Bam!

He starts out with:

“Let me tell you something… a speech right now…”

And from there he will have your complete and undivided attention.


I love it when he talks about his brother and how they “Work hard for their stuff…”

And when he talks about being the “Shark of the ocean”…brilliant.

I’m guessing this boy is about 10 or 11 but not matter his age I’m still amazed these words are coming from his mouth.

So what do you want to be?  The Shark or the Fish?

It makes you stop and think…

Perhaps someday we will learn who this boy is and there is a little bit inside me hoping we will see more. 🙂


Source DeLorean via Facebook